Departure: the beginning

Water. One of the classical elements of matter for pre-Socratic philosophers.

Source of life. Purification. Cleansing. Rejuvenation.

Sacred symbol for most of spiritual, esoteric, and religious beliefs.

A ‘water sky’ is, basically, a phenomenon through which there is no clear distinction between a water surface (sea, lake or river) and the sky above it. This gives the illusion of the sky being an extension of water.

Under a Water Sky is therefore an exercise in thinking of a landscape in which the sky is a large vast body of water covering us. A life bubble, in the planetary scale, covered by water. The Earth in which the sky is water.

Everything that exists and with which we are familiar but now covered by a water sky.

The Journey: the compositions (proportion, balance, order)

Within the same aesthetics as the first album (The Presence, serene and tender), using melodic-rhythmic resources inherited from the European minimalism, connected to the so-called “contemporary classical music” or, more specifically about what is said regarding my own music, “indie classical”, we look into creating atmospheres, tell stories, little tales, inspired within the context of this dimension of a water sky. These little parcels create, simultaneously, the whole. The musical (erudite) and ethnographic (myths, symbols, spirituality) tradition is associated with the modern electronic expression (between the production of synthesized sound and the exploitation of technical resources and sonic-interpretative effects of conventional acoustic instruments) and the conception of new sound universes for ancient mythological elements/characters. All of this, obviously, in the virtue of as much as I may have achieved. The sailor, the sea, the white witch, the mermaids, the storms and bonanzas, all of life under a water sky.

Arrival (the eternal return to the journey)

The narrative I have attempted to create lives under this water sky. Between symbolism and meaning, metaphor and reality, spirituality and materialism (even if this sky is fictional, surreal). To sum it up, with these compositions I seek to stimulate the audience into visualizing an impossible life dimension (under a water sky) with all its implications in the phenomenology of light, movement, space, and time.

Leave the luggage behind and depart.

Is there a journey freer and truer than the impossible one?

Enjoy your journey and see you soon!

Helder Bruno, march 2019



«Sometimes… many times… most of the times, we only need to pay attention to the simplest of things surrounding us.

But we often do not value what seems obvious to us… Maybe we believe that the obvious is never the solution.

We obsessively look for originality, for a creative discovery, for a sublime innovation… and always search for it so far from where we are. But most of the times, the most original, creative, and innovative solution is closer to us than what we think…

Perspective, attention, sense of presence, serenity, and some tender are essential to the way we do things, and how we do them.

All of this is so simple!» – Helder Bruno

Artistic Concept: “The Presence, Serene and Tender” music (soprano, string quartet and piano) and image (photography)

“The Presence, Serene and Tender” is an intimate concert with music composed and orchestrated by Helder Bruno.

It features Helder Bruno as composer and on the piano, the string quartet Blossom Quartet (Feodor Kolpashnikov, Maria Kagan, Rogério Monteiro, Tunde Hadady), soprano Mafalda Umbelino Camilo, and a projection of exclusive photographs taken for the purpose of this show by Lieve Tobback.

The concept of the performance focuses on the need for us to experience the moment, the present time, again.

Our current life style can prevent us from feeling and living the moment, removing us from our human conscience.

 Our routines dwindle our capacities of truly feeling the instant involving us.

This show creates a channel through which we can reconnect with the moment, with our own humanity.

It aligns images with music, thus bringing the audience to experience the moment as it happens before them.

There’s no more noise from the outside. Here and now are all there is – that and the purity of “The Presence, Serene and Tender”.

Photos from live performances of «The Presence, Serene and Tender», by Lieve Tobback.